A Faith-Based Abolitionist Movement to
Repair, Restore and Rebuild.

Abolitionist Sanctuary is non-partisan faith-based nonprofit organization that empowers historically Black churches and religious institutions to embody emancipatory theology and abolitionist principles to repair, restore, and rebuild society.

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If you identify as spiritual or religious and belong to a Black Church, if you are affiliated with a religious institution, seminary or an ally concerned with the liberation of Black communities, if you are an impoverished Black mother and system-impacted, if you are a community organizer or movement leader we want to partner with you.

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Who We Are

Mission Statement

Abolitionist Sanctuary empowers Black churches to embody emancipatory theology and abolitionist principles to repair, restore, and rebuild society. 


We envision a national coalition of churches confronting the struggles of impoverished Black motherhood and the moral crisis of mass punishment. 

Core Values

We advocate for compassion as a theological and communal response rooted in accountability, rather than punishing individuals who are disadvantaged by systemic injustices and targeted as deviant for transgressing dominant social standards.

We illuminate the radical practice of care for the most vulnerable by advocating for their fundamental rights to equality, dignity, and freedom.

We affirm the power of creativity in individual agency and collective values to imagine new pathways, policies, and programs toward a more just society.

We believe that courage will catalyze churches to challenge punitive teachings and practices that diminish the inherent dignity of impoverished Black mothers and galvanize a faith-based abolition movement to end discriminatory policing, criminalization, and mass incarceration.

These are our stories...

What Experts Say...

Huge numbers of people lose jobs and prospects for future jobs. Because the economic base of these communities is destroyed, education and other surviving social services are profoundly affected. This process turns the men, women, and children who live in these damaged communities into perfect candidates for prison.

Angela Y. Davis

Political Prisoner and Abolitionist

Put simply, we know that when we incarcerate a woman we often are truly incarcerating a family, in terms of the far reaching effect on her children, her community, and her entire family network.

Loretta Lynch

Former United States Attorney General

Rev. Nikia S. Robert, PhD

Founder and Executive Director,
Abolitionist Sanctuary

Black mothers are oftentimes the nucleus of their families, pillar in their churches and anchor in their communities. Research indicates that 8 out of 10 Black mothers are breadwinners in their homes. In addition, Black women are the most religious demographic in America. While Black women largely depend on their spirituality to overcome challenges, such as  solely providing for their children against oppressive conditions and being criminalized for merely trying to survive, data reveals that church  teachings and proclamations often exclude  issues related to the U.S. criminal system. 

Abolitionist Sanctuary empowers Black churches to embody emancipatory theology and abolitionist principles to repair, restore, and rebuild society. #abolitionistsanctuary #sheisworthy

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What's Next?

Request An Assessment

Using a proprietary assessment model called “Four Churches,”  Abolitionist Sanctuary will help churches to evaluate their teachings and practices and help religious leaders, laity and communities to identify public policies and transformative justice strategies  that center impoverished Black motherhood and dismantle the carceral state.

Take A Course

Explore course offerings that support the vision of Abolitionist Sanctuary. With strategic partnerships, select courses are available at accredited institutions and will qualify for credit upon completion.




Become Certified

Become certified as an Abolitionist Sanctuary by completing five courses and a capstone project to demonstrate proficiency in applying religious values and abolitionist ideals to public policies and transformative justice strategies that benefit Black mothers and dispossessed communities beyond prisons, policing and punishment.

Join Our Street Team

We need your expertise, resources and networks. Our goal is to develop a team of specialists to connect with system-impacted Black mothers so that these women have the access they need to meet their basic needs and thrive. We are looking for attorneys, doctors, life coaches, chaplains, educators, employers, mock interviewers, stylists, cosmotologists and other volunteers. Members of the Street Team will also respond to policy campaigns, current events and adhoc requests.

Request Resources

If you are a system-impacted Black mother and are need of resources to survive and self-actualize, please contact us.

Call To Action

Join our mailing list and become a partner to receive information about upcoming calls to action to support the advancement of abolition. Call of actions can include  organizing responses by writing elected officials, signing petitions, attending community meetings and protesting. 


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