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30 days of Abolition

What is Abolition April?

Rev. Nikia S. Robert, PhD
Abolition April is a national campaign to designate the fourth month of the year for awareness recognizing “30 days of Abolition.” Established by Rev. Nikia S. Robert, PhD, the Founder and Executive Director of Abolitionist Sanctuary, the objectives for Abolition April Awareness Month are threefold:
1) To raise national awareness on the historical and current struggles to end surveillance, policing, and prisons in America, as well as collectively challenge all systems of oppression targeting Black, Brown, Indigenous, undocumented, and otherwise persecuted trans* and non-trans* impoverished communities.
2) To imagine abolitionist futures in a world where the least among us can thrive with access to gainful employment, housing security, food equity, universal education and healthcare, reparations, community-led approaches to public safety, and other resources, programs, and infrastructure critical for care-first approaches to communal flourishing.
3) To activate a national coalition committed to working for policies, transformative justice, and resistance strategies that overthrow the U.S. carceral state and rebuild a more just and equitable society beyond punishment, policing, and prisons.

Sign Petition: Make Abolition April Official in Los Angeles!

A primary goal of Abolition April is to petition local governments nationally to officially recognize the fourth month of every year for abolition awareness. This commitment includes implementing policies and programs that replace carceral systems with equitable and just communities of care for social thriving.

Help us by beginning with signing a petition demanding Mayor Karen Bass and the City of Los Angeles to lead the way!

Weekly Themes

Join us every day for Abolition April to participate in weekly thematic programs and content:

Week 1(Arts and Resistance): We are excited to join in conversation with Patrisse Cullors (Co-Founder of BLM), Crenshaw Dairy Mart, and Nissi Berry.

Week 2 (Coalition Spotlights): We will spotlight coalition-partners and community members challenging, and impacted by, State violence. If you would like your organization featured or know of an organization/individual that we should highlight, please email us: info@abolitionistsanctuary.org or reply to this email.

Week 3 (Education): Dr. Nikia S. Robert, Professor Natasha Robinson, ESQ.(LegalEaze Please!), and other instructors will lead Abolition teach-ins amongst the general public and faith communities–including the Progressive National Baptist Convention and New York Theological Seminary.

Week 4 (Call-to-Action): This week will highlight various demands across abolitionist movements and invite you to support call-to-actions, including signing our petition for an official Abolition April Awareness Month!

Register for Abolition Academy 101

April 17-19 (5pm PST/8pm EST): Professor Natasha L. Robinson, ESQ. (LegalEaze Please!) will lead a three-day teach-in on “Building Legal Sanctuaries” that is free and open to the public. This webinar will provide an introductory and comprehensive overview of several aspects of what to do and what to know about criminal law and criminal procedure in the United States. We will focus specifically on building and using effective and subversive tools of resistance for Black mothers who are justice impacted by the legal system.

To join the audience and have priority access to ask questions and engage instructor, registration is required. This broadcast is also live streamed on Abolitionist Sanctuary’s YouTube and Facebook accounts.

*registration adds your email address to a free newsletter subscription and contact list with Abolitionist Sanctuary and LegalEaze Please! We will not sell your information to a third party and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

Abolition April is for everyone struggling against interlocking systems of oppression and fighting to abolish carceral systems.
Rev. Nikia S. Robert, PhD
Abolitionist Sanctuary, Founder and Executive Director

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