Abolitionist Sanctuary Podcast

Join Rev. Nikia Smith Robert, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director of Abolitionist Sanctuary in a conversation about the criminalization of Black womxn’s survival and a faith-based abolitionist movement!


This podcast applies an intersectional lens to center and amplify the voices of Black womxn and mothers who are condemned, criminalized, incarcerated for merely trying to survive.

Listeners are invited to learn about the harmful aspects of religion that perpetuate carceral systems, but also how to imagine new emancipatory faith beliefs that apply abolitionist values to tear down oppressive structures and build a more just and equitable world beyond punishment, policing, and prisons.

Each episode features an interviews with guests who have either direct experience with the criminal system and survival, or whose research, activism, and ministry is dedicated to abolition.

Listen for call-to-actions to support grassroots organizing through public policy and transformative justice strategies that undermine the U.S. Carceral State and promote communal flourishing.

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