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Are you a historically Black church (religious leader, laity, spiritual), seminary, organizer, policy analyst, philanthropist, justice-seeker, community partner, abolitionist? We are looking for partners to advance a faith-based abolition movement.

Additionally, we want to build a network of experts  to match system-impacted mothers to resources, skills and opportunities to thrive. Do you want to volunteer and/or contribute?

 Contact us today and become a partner!

We Want to Hear your Story

Do you identify as a poor Black mother who was criminalized, incarcerated or released for breaking the law to provide for your family? Do you have a story about what you are doing to desperately  survive and overcome unjust social conditions (poverty, gentrification, unemployment, poor quality schools, racial and gender inequalities, etc.)? Please share your story. We want to advocate for you, match you to resources and highlight your resilience! Contact us today.


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