What We Believe

We believe in a God of the oppressed. 

We believe in the salvific qualities of Black women’s practical wisdom and moral agency that are the source of survival, wholeness and liberation as demonstrated by Hagar, Carol Smith and countless others who make a way out of no way.

We believe in Black Jesus who was profiled, policed and persecuted by the State on trumped-up charges.

We believe that Jesus’ life and ministry is instructive of abolitionist ideals and the emancipatory goal of disrupting oppressive systems and demanding a radical reordering of social structures where the last become first.

We believe that Jesus died a criminal’s death, but ultimately transcended criminality on the cross.

We believe resurrection generates hope in a just and equitable world without State violence and that calls us into right relationship by restoring the humanity and dignity of individuals who are criminalized and caged.  

We believe in Spirit as Advocate.

We believe in Spirit that ignited the resistance of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, social movements and a global fight for freedom.

We believe Spirit draws all individuals — women, men, girls, boys, transgender, femme, non-binary, gender non-conforming — together in a beloved community of compassion, care, creativity and the courage to ensure universal flourishing.

We affirm the spirit of abolition and a faith of liberation that calls us into deep solidarity and transformative discipleship that is at the heart of the aspiring Church  that is civically engaged and on the front-lines in the struggle for justice, equality and communal flourishing beyond policing, prisons, and punishment. 

If you share in these beliefs or want to know more about what we believe, connect with us today.

Our Services

Public Speaking

Dr. Nikia S. Robert is a nationally and internationally sought-after preacher and speaker. She has been featured by ABC, NBC, NPR and other major media platforms. Dr. Robert has preached, presented and spoken at notable churches, conferences and institutions globally. Her oratorical skills are dynamic and passionate. She delivers messages that are poignantly relevant and impactful.

Contact Dr. Nikia S. Robert to book her for preaching, keynotes, movement rallies and press events for your occasion.

Teaching | Facilitation

Dr. Nikia S. Robert earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Religion with an emphasis on Ethics and Public Policy. She is a former Sunday School Teacher, a proficient homeschool teacher and skilled facilitator. Her pedagogy is informed by Toni Morrison’s “Dancing Mind” to bring together diverse thinkers to engage living texts for transformative and engaging learning.

Book Dr. Robert to teach, lecture, or facilitate at your church, school, conference or organization today.


Dr. Nikia S. Robert is a long-time fierce advocate for social justice from her upbringing in New York City to her social engagement in Pasadena to her global solidarity with the oppressed. Dr. Robert is a grassroots organizer who is a ardent believer in abolition as the foundation of the Christian faith and guiding principles for liberation.

Book Dr. Robert to work with your ministry, seminary, or organization to learn how to adapt emancipatory religious values and abolitionist ideals to protest and imagine a more just and equitable society.

Mourning Joy

Dr. Nikia S. Robert is a clinically trained healthcare Chaplain who completed four-units of Clinical Pastoral Education.

As a result of the onset of COVID-19, Dr. Robert created Mourning Joy to supplement her grief and sick-and-shut-in ministry. In addition to performing funerals, and providing emotional and spiritual support for grief and other crises, Dr. Robert provides virtual memorials and commendations  to ensure that families from any location can stay connected in the sacred ritual of death and dying.

Contact Dr. Robert to support you and your loved ones in the mourning that comes before joy.


Dr. Nikia S. Robert is seminary and denominationally trained. She brings over a decade of experience in ordained ministry and chaplaincy. Dr. Robert also brings a wealth of experience vocationally and personally that informs her views and practice. 

Contact Dr. Robert for pre-marital and relationship counseling, spiritual direction, vocational discernment, emotional and spiritual support.

Note: these spiritual counseling services are not a substitution for professional therapy. Please see both Dr. Robert and your therapist.

Special Requests

Are you planning a wedding or renewing vows? Are you planning a baptism or baby blessing? Are you moving into a new home or moving away? Are you celebrating a birthday or milestone?  Do you have a special request?

Dr. Robert wants to journey with you through the everydayness of life and provide presence through life’s peaks and valleys, celebrations and crises, joys and sorrows. 

Contact Dr. Robert to inquire about her availability to support you for your special request.

Request Prayer

Do you have a prayer request? Please submit your petition. We believe that the fervent and effectual prayers of the righteous avails much.

Give Today!

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