Abolitionist Sanctuary Worship Services

We partner with churches to reimagine church. We create a worship experience that combines liberatory Christian teachings and abolitionist principles to center Black women and mothers. We provide training for leaders and laity to assess their church teachings and practices, and to redress punitive harms with restorative and transformative justice interventions that will advance a faith-based abolitionist movement. We help churches to become Abolitionist Sanctuaries.

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We hold community conversations to discuss the intersections of faith, abolition, and Black motherhood. We invite justice-impacted individuals, community leaders, social activists, clergy, activists, and laity reflect on how to apply religion and abolition to dismantle the carceral state and create spiritual, economic, and legal sanctuaries for poor Black mothers and their communities to flourish. Our conversations end in a call-to-action that advances coalition-building and faith-based abolitionist movement that materializes structural change.


We provide a certification program for leaders and institutions to become credentialed members of Abolitionist Sanctuary by demonstrating aptitude in our core values and proficiency with P.A.C.T.S.:

Principles: Organizations and leaders have access to educational training in key competency areas including abolition, transformative justice, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. These principles are instrumental to assess problems, identify solutions and increase social responsibility and civic engagement to repair, restore and rebuild.

Action: Organizations and leaders are required to demonstrate practical skills that are measurable and demonstrate aptitude for applying the above principles to real-life contexts that actively challenge social injustices and point toward equitable solutions.

Connect: In addition to knowledge and skills, organizations and leaders are empowered to connect to a coalition of communities to advance an abolitionist movement that is committed to liberation.

Transformation: Organizations will know how to identify transformative justice strategies to make an impactful social change.

Sanctuary: organizations and leaders will receive a badge certifying them as an official Abolitionist Sanctuary and trusted expert on transformative justice strategies that result in emancipatory and equitable practices

Public Education, Policy, and Participation

Our educational commitment is to train faith and civic leaders to apply abolitionist principles to repair, restore, and rebuild just and equitable communities. We are experts in leading trainings and lecturing on the topics of: religion and abolition, the criminalization of impoverished Black motherhood, Black feminism and womanist theological ethics, Black Church tradition, social justice movements, liberation theology, legal philosophy, public policy, and critical carceral studies.

As consultants, we educate organizations to integrate solutions that strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the workplace. We uniquely apply abolitionist principles to advance DEIB goals.

As community organizers, we create transformative justice strategies to increase civic engagement that affirms the inherent worth of underrepresented groups, especially impoverished Black mothers. We educate communities how to influence public policy agendas and grassroots organizing with initiatives such as:

-Expungement Seminar

-Bail Out Parlors

-Sponsor Hygiene Products and Advocacy for justice-impacted mothers

-Community Resource Fairs

-Phone Banks and Policy Letter Drives

-Social Media Campaigns

Through public education and policy, we hale churches to increase civic participation and to undermine the carceral state by advocating for a more just and equitable society that priorities Black mothers.

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Donate to help advance a faith-based abolitionist movement. We train community leaders to create Abolitionist Sanctuaries.