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We want to meet you and discuss value-added solutions to satisfy your diversity, equity and inclusion needs in the workplace and beyond.

Our Services

At Cultural Competency Consulting, we are knowledge-area experts in race, gender, class and other social identifiers that inform constructions of identity and belonging. The intersection of scholarly research and industry-specific experience, inform our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our target clients are parent groups, grades K-8 and 9-12 independent and public schools, higher education, and corporations.

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Climate Assessment & Audit

We conduct a cross-sectional and 360 degree audit to assess each level of the organization.

Trainings & Workshops

We provide trainings and facilitate workshops to educate key-stakeholders and foster communal approaches to meeting shared goals that advance organizational values and mission.

Policies & Procedures

We review organizational policies, procedures and operational performance and make recommendations for improvement.

Strategic Plan

We work with organizational leaders to develop  a strategic plan and strengthen commitments to social responsibility and cultural competency.


Organization’s can contract our services for specific projects according to their custom needs.

Public Speaking

Engage Dr. Robert to speak with your organization as a keynote. Topics can include diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, abolition, women in business, work-life balance, family, time management, goal setting, leadership and vocation/career coaching.

Give Today!

Donate to help advance a faith-based abolitionist movement. We train community leaders to create Abolitionist Sanctuaries.